99 Lithium Batteries

99 Lithium Batteries 1

If you´re having problems with the battery of your e-bike, we´ve got the solution, hence the title: 99 lithium batteries.

Our team of engineers rebuild your battery by replacing the inside. You will get a year of warranty.

We deliver in all the Canary Islands. Want to have a price quote? Just contact us, either through our contact page or through Facebook.

We only use high-quality battery cells of quality providers such as Panasonic, LG, Bosch and Samsung.

Si tiene problemas con la batería de su bicicleta eléctrica, tenemos la solución, de ahí el título: 99 baterías de litio.

Nuestro equipo de ingenieros reconstruye su batería reemplazando el interior. Obtendrá un año de garantía.

Realizamos entregas en todas las Islas Canarias. ¿Quieres tener un presupuesto? Solo contáctenos, ya sea a través de nuestra página de contacto o de Facebook.

Solo utilizamos celdas de batería de alta calidad de proveedores de calidad como Panasonic, LG, Bosch y Samsung.

99 lithium batteries

-After a bike ride do not charge the battery yet, let it cool down for an hour or more.
-After a charge, let the battery rest for an hour or two to cool down but also to let the BMS balance the cells.
-Charging 80% and discharging to 20% are best for a long live!
-It’s OK to charge it to 100% to get more range, just don’t let the battery sit at 100% for more than a day for no reason.
-Standard BMS only balances to 100% (top balance), only really expensive smart BMS can balance at any voltage so far only the Luna APEX has one.
-Balancing is slow so that’s the reason to let the battery sit after a charge
-Balancing can take a couple 100% charge cycles to complete.
-When new a battery may take 6 to 8 charge discharges to ballance. Possibly more if you push the pack hard.
-When new its always advisable not to discharge the pack at high amps until its balancing well.
-Don’t leave the charger unattended, charge in a safe place and unplug the charger when done to avoid a drain on the battery.
-100% is about 58.8V on a 52V…if yours charger charges to 58.6 or 58.9V it’s fines no worries.

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