Island Discovery for 2

island discovery tour

Island Discovery for 2: Can´t decide during your stay on the island where to go first? The volcanoes, the caves, a buggy tour, jetski excursion…maybe even some trip around town on an electric scooter? Well…we have a solution.

We offer a brand new pack, working together with Buggies Lanzarote in the exclusive marina of Puerto Calero.

What is included:

  • 24hr rent of car. The car is fully omnium insured, and will be delivered at your hotel. No hassle for the the dropoff either: simply leave the key at your reception.
  • A personalized road map for the island. We´ll explain you how to combine the rest of the pack with a visit to the Volcanoes, the caves, the most beautiful beaches of the island …or whatever you are interested in
  • A 1hr Jet Ski safari of one hour along Lanzarote´s stunning coastline
  • A 2hr Buggy Tour with the breath-taking volcano run, the vineyards and the coastline, seen from a different point of view
  • And last but not least, 90 minutes on 2 single or 1 double scooter. The scooter ride can be enjoyed any time of your stay

The total price, all in, is  285€ for 2 persons.

More info? Just contact us

Note that we can create some other package containing other elements, like entrances to attractions like zoo or water parks. Or even fix you tickets for night shows, tickets to the karting circuits and even air tours! On request, we can even swap the car with a motorcycle.

Just let us know and we will create the perfect package. 

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