Cesar Manrique…101 stunning facts

cesar manrique
cesar manrique
The man. His legacy:

Ok, Cesar Manrique. I admit. I lied.

There is no 101 facts about Cesar Manrique in this post. To be honest, I could list them, but why? There is Wikipedia for that.
I just decided to write down a little post about this man. Again, why? Well, simple. I love Lanzarote. Lanzarote loves Manrique.

So, living here, I have to love Manrique right? Well, I do. Not in the way I love Celine (not Dion, but the Celine who can’t sing). But I still admire the guy.

So, a little bio about the guy, and why he is so important to Lanzarote.

I’m not going to bother you with info where, when and how he was born. The “how” part is already obvious, the rest can be found on Wikipedia.

But what did he do in life? Well, he was not just an artist, but a painter, sculpture, architect, ecologist, planner of urban developments, as well as landscaper and gardener. Manrique was fascinated by man’s relationship with nature and became deeply concerned about the success and impact that mass tourism was having upon his beloved Canary Islands.

He was simply terrified by what he witnessed in Tenerife and Grand Canaria… the sky scraper buildings, the mass tourism.

He was a man who believed that architecture should serve nature, not the other way around. This is who Cesar Manrique really was.

On this island, whenever there is a palm tree standing in the way, they build a home around it.
He also did simply not want a house to be bigger than a palm tree. And that is why you won’t be seeing any tall buildings on the island.

Well, there is the Grand Hotel in Arrecife, so much is true. But it was actually built when Manrique was living in the US.

He was also the bloke who stated that houses should be white. With only a slight amount of color.

And that is why, 25 years after his death, Cesar Manrique is still around. Even if you come to this beautiful island just to lie on the beach (I’m warning you, this is not going to make you a friend of mine), you’ll be surrounded by his legacy.

The airport was recently named after him. If you see a statue, it’s him. If you’re on an excursion, you`ll be seeing things of him.

Since a picture says more than a thousand words, have a look of what is available in terms of Cesar Manrique on this island. But before this, just a last fact.

Cesar Manrique was killed in a car accident on September 25th, 1992. Close to his home. A man who hated cars was killed in a car accident. The irony.

But…was Manrique killed, or plain-murdered? Let’s not forget he made a lot of enemies with his “no to mass tourism” measures.

Oh well, we will never know I suppose. Halloween is over and done with, so enough with the spooky tales.
Want to know the rest? Buy the rights, or drop me a line.

Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 1
Architecture serving nature …. so Manrique
Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 2
Beautiful sky, a windmill, some rocks. Add Manrique. The result: Cactus Garden
Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 3
Few people know Manrique designed the road twisting and turning through the Timanfaya National Park
Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 4
Mirador del Rio. Try to concentrate on your food. This is what they call “a room with a view”
Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 5
A place to relax
Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 6
Nature is the best painting“. Quote by C. Manrique
Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 7
Don’t like the man? You have to like his house.
Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 8
No Photoshop. His living room
Cesar Manrique...101 stunning facts 9
Jameos del Agua. Originally designed as a night club. The perfect party place…

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